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Aging-in-Place Home Remodeling in Concord

home remodelingAre you noticing a decrease in your ability to complete simple, daily tasks around your home? It may be time to consider speaking with a professional contractor about aging-in-place home remodeling in Concord. Aging doesn’t have to slow you down around the house. In fact, there are a number of extremely helpful bathroom renovations and kitchen upgrades available which could make life easier again. If you’re wondering if aging-in-place home remodeling is right for your house in Concord, here are several project ideas to consider.

Non-Slip Flooring

Non-slip flooring, or anti-slip flooring, is the perfect addition to any home with elderly adults, or even young children. Adding this type of flooring to your aging-in-place home remodeling plans in Concord will help prevent falls, especially in bathrooms and kitchens where liquid spills are common.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are another great option for aging-in-place home remodeling in Concord. You can locate these bars can throughout your home, but they are particularly useful in bathrooms. Consider installing them by your toilet and near the bathtub.

Accessible Cabinets

Another possibility for your Concord aging-in-place home remodeling project might be installing accessible cabinets. This type of cabinet is ideal for both bathrooms and kitchens, where pull-down shelving or strategic positioning can make access easier.

Need Professional Assistance with Your Upcoming Concord Home Remodeling Project?

Do you need professional assistances with your upcoming Concord home remodeling project? Whether you’re interested in aging-in-place updates or want to upgrade your kitchen, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Charlotte can help. Our highly-trained and experienced contractors can walk you step-by-step through the remodeling process. To learn more about our company and the wide variety of services we provide, visit our website. You can also call (704) 343–8575 to schedule an appointment. We can hardly wait to discuss your Concord home remodeling project with you in greater detail!

Concord Home Remodeling

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